Over 2,000 fonts

macFonts expands your font collection with over 2,000 never-before seen fonts designed by our exclusive SummitType™ font foundry. Every Mac font in the macFonts includes a single user license, can be used for any personal AND commercial use (for-profit) project, are fully embeddable (i.e. for PDF files), and include complete character sets that support international languages and symbols.

2000 premium fonts for mac

open type fonts for mac


OpenType - The Industry Standard

All of the fonts in designed by Macware are OpenType which means they stay sharp and clear at any size.  OpenType fonts are the industry standard that major font foundries like Adobe, Microsoft and LinoType all use.

Style and Variety

You will find fonts in every style to get the creative juices flowing with these hand picked fonts! Styles include basic, script, headline, creative, modern, fun, and more!  Check out our font samples to see just a few of the 1000's included in macFonts.

macfonts variety and styles

macfonts install in all applications

Compatible with all Mac applications

All fonts in macFonts are 100% compatible with all of your programs, so you can install and use them right away.  Use macFonts in ALL of your applications, including: iWork & iLife, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design Studio 2.0, and any other program that uses fonts. 

  • Over 2,000 OpenType fonts
  • All of the fonts in MacFonts are new from our SummitType foundry.
  • All fonts are commercial use: No royalties or fees to pay.
  • All MacFonts are OpenType. With OpenType fonts, everything you need is contained in a single file that is compatible with all of your applications.
  • Each font boasts a complete character set that includes international symbols and alternative characters.
  • All fonts are 100% embeddable in common file formats like PDF.
  • All fonts in MacFonts are 100% compatible with all of your programs, so you can install and use them right away.


 macfonts font style samples

System Requirements for macFonts - 2,000 Commercial Use Fonts:

Fonts:  Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

Font Manager: Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 (Intel only) - Unfortunately we are having issues with Font Manager on 10.10 (Yosemite).  The fonts are still compatible with Yosemite and can be installed using this method .

256Mb Ram

A. The fonts are in OpenType® font format.
A. Go to your Applications folder and open the MacFonts folder. You will see another folder called Fonts. Copy this folder to another location on your Mac (Documents, for example) and then rename the folder to MacFonts. Now go back to your Applications folder and open Font Book.

Once Font Book is open you can simply drag and drop the newly named MacFonts folder into the left pane called Collections. This will add all fonts in the folder into fonts now available to use in your applications.

PLEASE NOTE: Having all fonts active at once may slow down your computer. You can right click on the new MacFonts collection and choose the Disable "MacFonts" option to deactivate all the fonts in the collection. Then just select the fonts you want to use and choose the Enable Fonts. option from the right click menu that opens when you right click on any of the selected fonts.

A. We have included a FontManager to manage the fonts. For advanced users you will need to use a more robust font manager such as Font Boss . To install the fonts on Mac OS X follow these simple steps.

1. Once the CD is in the drive and on your desktop, launch the welcome window by double-clicking on the Macware Fonts CD icon.

2. Run the included FontManager by clicking on the icon on the left side (it says "click here to start").

3. This will launch the FontManager. Now you will see two windows. The left window shows you the Fonts on the MacFonts 2 disc. The right Window shows you the Fonts that are already installed on your system.

4. From the left window, find a font that you would like to install and click on either the "Install Permanently" or "Activate Temporarily" buttons.

Install Permanently will keep the font installed even after a system restart.

Activate Temporarily will allow the font to be installed until the next system restart.

5. That's it! Depending on which button you click the font will either be installed you're your applications permanently or temporarily.

A. You can do this by copying the whole font folder to a location on your hard disc and use another Font Manager to manage the fonts. You should only choose this method if you are interested in installing large amounts of fonts in one click.             

You should choose this method if you are interested in installing large amounts of fonts in one click.

A. You can download the font guide here: macFonts Font Guide. You can also find detailed help information in the help file of the program.
A. Yes. All fonts in MacFonts Complete Collection are handcrafted from our very own SummitType Foundry, so you can use them for your personal AND commercial projects without worry. Pretty much the only thing you cannot do with them is repackage or recompile or rename them and sell them as your own.


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