Accounting made easy

macProfit is the easiest way to keep your business organized and running smoothly without spending endless hours on bookkeeping.  Not only does macProfit generate professional looking invoices, but it also allows you to easily add and manage clients, monitor your accounts, keep track of inventory, and generate detailed reports so you can spend more time increasing your profits and less on the hassle of paperwork.

mac profit accounting invoicing software

mac accounting software organized


Stay organized

macProfit's easy interface and design makes managing your clients and billing a snap.  Create multiple databases if you serve multiple clients, generate customized reports to see who owes you or has paid during a certain time period, and even manage your inventory by quickly adding SKUs, unit price, gross, cost of good sold, tax, currency, label color, and custom fields.  Having everything in one place will save you time and money!

Create stylish invoices

In today's business, image is everything. Let macProfit create elegant invoices for you. Choose an invoice template and utilize the layout editor to change the position of the name, address, and other info. You can also change colors, alignment, background, stroke, logo, and much more. You can completely customize the look and feel of your invoices, easily.

mac accounting software custom invoices

mac billing and reporting software

Unmatched powerful features

Other powerful features included in macProfit include flexible tax settings, PDF export & emailing (also with email templates), foreign currency support, client specific settings: layouts, term of payment, salutation, automatic margin calculation, and much more.  Try macProfit for free for 15 days and see for yourself!

Work anywhere

Work in your office or at home or anywhere you want.  Synchronize with Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever your favorite cloud is.*  Your data will be synchronized when you are online again. *iCloud excluded because it works only with apps sold on the App Store.

mac accounting software cloud sync

Easy billing and client management for freelancers who use a Mac.

Get Simply Organized:  Always keep your invoices and estimates at a glance.  Never forget who owes you.

Send stylish invoices:  In today's business, image is everything. Let macProfit create elegant invoices for you.

Easy to Manage Clients:  Your clients are building up your business.

Inventory on the Fly:  Keep track of your stock with zero effort.

Powerful Reports:  Generate reports and statements in your own design which reflects your professionalism.

Cloud Ready:  Synchronize macProfit with Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever your favorite cloud is.*

*Please note: iCloud excluded because it works only with apps sold on the App Store.            


Other features include:

  • Create invoices (also recurring, discounts, sequential invoices) 
  • User defined layouts: PDF Backdrops, additional pages for Terms & Conditions, add your own logo, many dynamic fields 
  • Track payments: payments by invoices, payments by clients, account statements 
  • Generate reports: payments, documents, built-in stock count
  • PDF export & emailing (also with email templates) 
  • Smart Folders 
  • Write & track estimates 
  • Reminder for overdue invoices
  • Flexible tax settings 
  • Foreign currency support 
  • Use for multiple businesses (multiple databases 
  • Inventory management: different catalogs (also smart catalogs), colored items for better focusing, inventory control by using the stock control, import items from CSV files (also export)
  • Drag & drop invoice creation 
  • Support for custom document types 
  • Custom fields 
  • Custom # (Number) formatter
  • Client specific settings: layouts, term of payment, salutation 
  • Document processing (merge, convert, etc.) 
  • Automatic margin calculation 
  • ...and more


macprofit invoice sample

macprofit invoice sample

macprofit invoice sample

macprofit invoice sample

macprofit invoice sample

macprofit invoice sample

System Requirements for macProfit, Accounting Software for Mac:

Mac OS X 10.7.4 and later (Intel required)

256Mb Ram

7Mb Hard Disk Space

A. You should have received your License Name and License Code in your order email.  Please follow these instructions:

1.  Open macProfit Application
2.  Click on "macProfit" on the top menu bar.
3.  Click on "Registration" in the drop-down menu.
4.  Enter your Name and License code EXACTLY as shown above, into the Registration dialog.
5.  Click Register.
6.  Close and reopen macProfit and your done.

A. After you choose a template from the Templates browser, start by first clicking on the text (double or triple click your mouse on the text until it highlights the text). Once the text is highlighted, you can simply type in your own name to replace the template text; to adjust the size and font style, keep your text highlighted and then click the Fonts icon in the toolbar to open the Font manager tool.
If you would like to change the look of the logo object on the canvas, click the object to see the anchors appear around the object. You can then click on a corner anchor and drag the anchor to resize the object (hold down the Shift button on the keyboard to keep the aspect ratio of the object as you resize it).
You can also add a filter to the selected object by clicking the Effects icon in the Inspector toolbar. Click the Filters tab, check the "Apply All Filters" checkbox and then browse through the filters from the dropdown arrow. You can remove any filter at any time by simply unchecking the individual filter or the "Apply All Filters" checkbox.
A. Yes, invoice templates are pre-loaded into macProfit. You can also customize the invoices by placing your logo on them, or generate estimates before actually getting hired by a client. macProfit makes it easy to quickly print, PDF or email your quotes and invoices to your clients.
A. Yes, you can create as many different companies as you have; apply different taxes to each company, assign specific clients to a particular company; generate company specific quotes and invoices from templates assigned to each company, and base different charges on the services offered by your different companies. The flexible options are entirely in your hands.
A. Absolutely! Some of the reports include payments, documents, built-in stock count, and more.
A. Unfortunately because macProfit is a new product from Macware, it does not work with MacFreelance.


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